Thursday, 13 November 2014

          THE VENGEANCE           

  The pleasures of life have ceased to be,
  the driving zeal in my enterprise,
  nor love for a mortal dares me,
  nor hopes of attainment of a prize.

  And neither fame, nor fortune,
  power me on my dreary ways.
  No emphatic song or inspiring tune
  turns the pages of passing days.

  But, it's the fury not vented,
  brewing in my exploding nerves,
  and vengeance in my sinews pended
  that now as my vehicle serves.

  It's a vengeance against my infirmities
  that I must conquer to proudly stand,
  and then to exalt my name to eternities
  when in glory, I'll die for my motherland.


1 comment:

Nimit Kumar said...

Metallica and India mixed, very well written Dost :)